Art on a
   Living Canvas!
the process
First and foremost, it's all about the model.
After all, there can be no body painting without a body! His or her comfort and enjoyment of the body painting process from start to finish is my number one priority.

While each body painting project varies greatly, this is the basic process. Whether it is a professional model wanting an image for his or her portfolio, or simply someone looking for a unique, custom one-of-a-kind piece of art for themselves or as a gift for that someone special, the process is basically the same.

If you are in the Sacramento, CA area, I like to start the process with a casual "meet and greet" over a chai latte (YUM!). There is no charge for this initial consultation. This is where we get to know each other and throw around possible ideas for the project. We start to get ideas for the basic theme and design based on your interests, hobbies, favorite colors, etc., etc. We also discuss how much - or how little - of the body will be included in the design, the areas of the body you would like shown or hidden, flattering angles, lighting, and so on.

I can then get an idea of about how long it will take to paint. I will also give you a rough estimate on the cost of the body painting (not including extras like the photographer, props, wigs, glue on appliances, etc.)

After our meet and greet, I will put together a sketch (if needed), line up a photographer, work on the props, backdrop, etc., and set a date and time for the painting and photo shoot. The painting usually takes anywhere from 2 - 4 hours (or more, depending on the design and how much of the body is being painted). The photo session can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

I will let you know how to prepare for the painting and provide you with a list of what to bring on the day of your session. You are always welcome to bring a friend along to keep you company.

The painting is done in private - just you and me, and anyone you choose to invite along. I make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature and Pandora is always standing by to play your favorite tunes.

Please check out what some of the models have to say about their experience here.

I really love the friendships that develop during this process and I look forward to our chai latte together!

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